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Echoes from the Land of the Living Dead

Vast Distances Between Galaxies

16 April
Philosopher by nature.

Musician. Writer. Painter. Craftsperson. Temp.

First I was a Presbyterian. Then I was Episcopalian. Then I was an atheist. Then I went agnostic. Now? Deeply spiritual. I take aspects from all major faiths.

I wanted to be a musician as soon as I learned one could do that as a job. Then I wanted to be a saint. Then a writer. Then an astronomer. Rock journalist. Video director. Fashion designer. Translator.

Heading into college, having learned sign language, pursued deaf education. Studied Chinese and acting. Went punkrock. Majored in film. Program was cut, switched colleges. Hated it there, switched back, and to religious studies. Thought about becoming a nun. Dropped out, took a year off. Finished at a third college, majored ultimately in journalism. Cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa.

Groupie. Virgin. Psychic. Wanderer. Adventurer.